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14x16 Set

14x16 Set

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With all the capabilities of the standard 14x16 platen that comes with your machine, this 14x16 platen also unlocks additional abilities to print hoodie back prints, denim jackets, fleece and any other thicker types of apparel!

The corresponding Locking Hoop secures down the apparel to help prevent misprints and height sensor issues. The Master Adaptor simply drops into your printer for a quick and easy setup. 

Key Benefits:

  • Compatible with Garment Creator
  • Includes a Locking Hoop to help prevent misprints and height sensor issues
  • Designed with Measuring Guides and Center Markers for print accuracy
  • Designed to be Lightweight for daily use
  • Includes our signature Lifetime Warranty!

Additional Benefits (sold separately):

Kit Includes:

  • (1) DTG Master Adaptor
  • (1) 14x16 Platen + (1) 14x16 Locking Hoop


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