Our Story

My name is Leo and I run a print shop in sunny Southern California. Like most of you I was competing with hundreds of printers in my city and was looking for looking for a high profit item my current machines could print. Then one day a customer asked for a custom DTG hat worth $20.

With a $3 hat and $.75 in ink I was looking at a $16.25 profit!

Sadly the story doesn't end there. The customer wanted a hat with a large print and I couldn't find any DTG platens that let you print like that. 2 hours, 3 sheets of cardboard and too much tape later I printed the hat and lost all my profit in time spent.

Refusing to accept that my $20,000 state-of-the-art DTG machine couldn't print a hat in less than a minute I got to work designing the world's best hat printing platen.

Fast forward 2 years (and 4 patents pending in 7 countries) later, we are happy to announce that our platen is available to DTG (and soon screen printing) printers everywhere!

Our vision when designing the CAPtain hat platen was simple. 

1. Design a hat platen that is easy enough for anyone in our facility to use
2. Offer the maximum print surface area possible
3. Design it to work for mass production printing

The final version of our hat platen surpassed all of our expectations and opened our eyes to the true printing power of our current printing machines. All you need is the key to unlock their full potential.

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