How-To Print Ladies Tees Without Head Strikes or Heat Press Marks

How-To Print Ladies Tees Without Head Strikes or Heat Press Marks

Printing Ladies Tees Can Be Tricky

Printing ladies tees shouldn't be hard, but sometimes it is. Due to the fact that they're made so form fitting, issues sometimes arise when you try to maintain a flat printing surface area. The easiest solution would be for everyone to buy platens to properly fit ladies tees, but being a printer means finding intuitive ways to solve problems without having to spend a ton of time, money, and storage space. Here are three methods for printing on ladies tees to avoid head strikes, with an added bonus tip at the end about how to deal with heat press marks.

1. Use a 10"x12" Platen

With a 10"x12" platen you will be able to print quickly with high print quality. Using a 10"x12" platen let's you raise your platen to the tallest setting for the best possible print, while also greatly reducing the risk of a head strike which can break your DTG printer and prevent you from printing.

Ladies tee on a standard 14" platen.

Ladies tee on a 10"x12" platen.

2. The Tape Method

In a pinch you can still get those ladies tees printed with a little tape. This method alone has saved us hundreds of dollars in mess-up costs. The trick here is to place tape over the areas that are at highest risk of receiving head strikes. This means you may not avoid a dangerous head strike but at the very least you'll be able to protect the area of the tee where it is likely to occur and remove the tape along with the ink left by the head strike. 

3. Lower the Platen Height

Admittedly, this is the least desireable method to use when printing anything as this method will likely lower your print quality. Though you will be able to print your ladies tees, you'll be putting out a lower quality product which could lower your brand value in the long run and potentially upset your customer in the short run. However, if you're left with no other options, simply lower your platen height until it clears the height sensor and you will be free to print on your ladies tee with a lowered risk of head strikes.

Bonus Tip: Use a 10"x12" Heat Press Platen

This is seriously a game changer. Heat pressing is an essential step when it comes to DTG Printing. This can be a difficult step when printing ladies tees--even more so when there is wet ink involved and your standard platen is too large to accommodate your ladies tee. What you want to avoid is embossing the seams or permanently pressing creases. A 10"x12" heat press platen will fit your ladies tee more appropriately and will not only make it easier to load the tee, but reduce contact with the seams, collar, and sleeves. 

Ladies tee on a standard 14" heat press.

Ladies tee on a 10"x12" heat press.

Watch Our Video for an In-Depth Explanation of How To Maximize These Methods

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