How-To: Combining Screen Printing & DTG Made Easy

How-To: Combining Screen Printing & DTG Made Easy

A How-To Featuring Lasers

We made this short video to show you a fun and easy way to combine screen printing and DTG on the same shirt. It may be low-tech, but we promise there will be lasers!

Why combine Screen Printing and DTG?

Though DTG is amazing, you may experience some limitations when it comes to printing things like neon colors (especially on black garments), managing different ink densities, creating special effects and textures, and generally printing on garments that have low cotton content. For that, you have Screen Printing! 

DTG + Screen Print Using Puff Ink for a raised effect and texture

Fun Things You Can Do by Combining Screen Printing and DTG

Once you've gotten comfortable with both printing methods, combining them can be a fun, creative way for you to offer interesting designs to your customers by utilizing new methods such as printing with half-tones, using thermal reactive colors, and foil transfer application. They sky is the limit! 

Bright Colors on Black



Imagine adding these effects to a DTG design!

Foil Transfer

See How Easy It Is for Yourself

Watch our latest video to see how easy it is to combine Screen Printing and DTG in one unique design!

Step 1

Print your DTG artwork on the garment.

Step 2

Register your screens with the DTG print using a laser marker.

Step 3

Print your Screen Print design over your DTG artwork.

Leo Martinez
Print shop owner and founder of Key Print Co.

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