How to: Multi-Color Screen Printing on Hats || St. Patty's Day Hat

How to: Multi-Color Screen Printing on Hats || St. Patty's Day Hat

Print Your Left Chest Prints on Hats

When our print shop realized that a large number of customers placed orders for left chest prints, we saw an opportunity to offer them something unique and only available from our shop. Being able to take an existing design and reproduce high quality prints on hats proved to be the easiest up-sell we ever made. 

"Would you like a hat with that?"

With the Captain Platen for screen printing, the process of printing on hats is as easy as printing left chest prints. It's both easy and cost effective, and the best part is the customer leaves happy. Not only will being able to print on hats boost your revenue, you'll suddenly stand out from the competition!

Hat and Shirt Combo (DTG)

St. Patty's Day Hat and Shirt Combo
(Multi-color Screen Print)

How-To Benefit by Printing on Hats

Printing on hats is easier than you might think--just follow the same process you already use for printing left chest prints. You can use the same screen printing press, the same screen printing screens--it's like getting paid twice for one job. Watch our video to see how easily we screen printed left chest prints on hats. 

Step 1

Load your hat into the Captain Platen for Screen Printing.

Step 2

Print your hat!
Flash cure for multi-color prints.

Step 3

Cure the final product to seal it all in.

CAPtain Platen
Screen Printing Kit

Leo Martinez 
Print shop owner and founder of Key Print Co.

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