Let's Get Started :]

Congrats on purchasing a CAPtain Platen! Let's get you set up. 

First, let's start with the Setup Station and the Master Adaptor. Follow this simple info sheet to get those set up. 

Alrighty. Now lets start loading up some hats. Loading hats is very simple. Check out this video on how we load hats in a few simple steps. After a little practice you'll be loading hats like a boss!

Sweet. Now lets take a look at how to load the side panel of a hat and the underbill. 

Right about now you're probably wondering how we aim the artwork on the software to land where we want it on the hat. Here's how.

Now that you've mastered the art of hat printing it's time to start makin' some real money. Check out this video on how we print non-stop to turn your DTG machine into a money printing machine. 

Perfect! Now all you need is some hat orders and you're set. So...

Let's get you some hat orders to start printing!!