Do Key Print Co platens work on my DTG printer?

Yes, our platens work with the Epson F2000, F2100, F3070, Brother GT3 Series, GTX and GTX Pro.

Do your platens work for screen printing?

Yes, it will work on any press that has a Bracket Adaptor.

Can I just buy the platens?

You need an adaptor to use our platens. So as long as you have either the Master Adaptor (DTG), Bracket Adaptor (Screen Printing) or (coming soon) Heat Press Adaptor you can use our platens on any of those interchangeably.

The best (as most affordable) way to get started is with a kit. Every kit includes a platen, an adaptor and a setup station. After you purchase a kit you can simply buy platens to use with your setup. 

My hat doesn't fit on the Captain Platen. Why is that?

The Captain Platen was designed for unconstructed hats. So constructed, form fitted hats won't work. 

Can I print on any hat?

For DTG 100% cotton hats work best. For screen printing any material will work as long as you use the correct ink and curing settings.

Can I print on any face mask?

For DTG 100% face masks work best. For screen printing any material will work as long as you use the correct ink and curing settings. 

You can also print most styles of face masks by using the appropriate face mask top plate. 

Why does my Face Mask Kit look different from the one in the videos?

There are 2 versions of the Face Mask Kit. The first version does not have any hoops to secure the face mask. The second version comes with 3 different top plates and the their corresponding hoops to secure the face masks. 

We discontinued the first version but If you purchased the first version and want to upgrade to the second version you can purchase the Expansion Pack to get all the additional top plates and hoops in the second version.

Can I use my platens on different machines?

YES! One of the coolest things about our platens is that they work on any machine with an official adaptor. So you can use your Face Mask platen on your DTG printer and your screen printing press too.

Do you guys make a platen for ____?

YES! We are on a mission to make every platen print shops want and need. Let us know what you would like to see next and we can add it to the cue.