How-To: Using the Face Mask Kit to Print on Hats

How-To: Using the Face Mask Kit to Print on Hats

Special Shoutout to Bella+Canvas

This week we received a very thoughtful package from Bella+Canvas--face masks! Since we've been sharing so much about The Face Mask Kit, we wanted to take this opportunity to show you what the very special Face Mask Platen is capable of. What you might not know is that it was actually designed to print on more than just face masks.

Keep reading to see what else it was made to do!

Let's print on these masks

After launching The Face Mask Kit, we got a lot of positive feedback as well as a lot of questions about how to pretreat face masks for DTG printing. We have a video detailing that process for you here.

Once your face masks are pretreated, use your Face Mask Kit to print it! Watch this video to see how it's done! 

Now, let's print on a hat!

The very same Face Mask Platen was also designed to allow you to print on the side panels of hats. Lift the sweat band of the side you want to print on, tuck it under the top edge of the head of the print area, and use the tucker that comes with your kit to tuck the slack of the hat under the opposite edge. Just like that, you're ready to print on your hat!

Pretreating the hat for DTG can be done with a handheld spray bottle and paint brush. Once you've printed your hat, you can cure it with either a hot air gun, conveyor dryer, or air dry it if it's CMYK only.

Watch our latest video to see just what our platen can do

Leo Martinez
Print shop owner and founder of Key Print Co.

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