InkSoft Online Designer

InkSoft Online Designer

What is an Online Designer?

An online designer simplifies the design process for your customers, allowing them to design one-of-a-kind products with their own artwork, text and images, while eliminating all the back and forth communication custom order typically require.

Once customers are finished designing their apparel, they can easily see the price for their order, check out and pay all in one place. The online designer sends you all the details you need to print and ship their order. If this sounds too good to be true, it's not. The online designer collects all the information you need for their order in a fun and simple process. 

How Does It Work?

To keep it simple, you sign up for InkSoft and then either create your website or embed the online designer into your existing website. Then you can customize your online designer's offerings and parameters by uploading the specific printable products you want to offer,  designating your print areas and creating your price sheet. Your customers can now start designing their custom products on your website. 


Once your customers place their orders, InkSoft works as an order management system and lists your orders by the date they were submitted. This is handy for ensuring deadlines are met! Once you click on an order, you have access to the customer's artwork, apparel details and size breakdowns to complete the order. Simply prepare the artwork for screen printing or DTG, order the apparel, print the order and ship it out, or have it ready for pickup. 

Is InkSoft Worth It?

Absolutely! Prior to using InkSoft we were using traditional methods to gather order details like paper forms, email and in-person meetings. In almost every instance there was always room for error or misunderstandings between us and the customers. 

With InkSoft's online designer the order details are clear. Just print the artwork the customer uploads on the apparel they selected in the designated print location and you are set. As long as you follow the work order, everything will be as the customer designed. 

Benefits of an Online Designer

1. No back and forth communication! Instead, ordering custom products gets to be a fun and convenient process for your customer.

2. Printers get to print! You get to focus your attention on the print quality.

3. Take orders in your sleep! As long as they have internet, your customers can place orders anywhere at anytime.

4. Be the shop that gives the most value! With InkSoft's online designer, can set yourself apart from all of the print shops in your area.

5. You get a FREE month of InkSoft with our link:

Watch our video to see InkSoft's Online Designer in action!

Leo Martinez

Print shop owner and founder of Key Print Co.

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