How-To DTG Print On Face Mask

How-To DTG Print On Face Mask

Supply & Demand 

As printers we have to be able to adapt to changes in the market and customer needs. With the COVID-19 pandemic in full effect, the demand for face masks has sky rocketed while the demand for printed shirts has dipped. Rather than waiting for things to get better, we have switched gears to keep on printing. We have to acknowledge the fact that we will likely be wearing face mask for the foreseeable future while we navigate Coronavirus and remain cautious.

Fortunately, rather than having to invest thousands of dollars in new printing machines, all you need is the Face Mask Platen Kit so you can start DTG printing on masks right away. 

Printing on Face Masks 

Printing on face masks can actually be profitable. Cotton and t-shirt masks are typically one size fits all, with a print surface area roughly the size of a left chest pocket print, and they are currently in high demand. With possibly fewer or smaller apparel orders, your DTG machine is not making any additional money by just sitting there--so put it to work printing up some useful face masks. See how you can easily customize and provide your customer with this essential product right now. 

Watch our latest video to learn how to easily print on face masks

Leo Martinez 

Print shop owner and founder of Key Print Co.

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