5 Things You Can Print with the Face Mask Kit

5 Things You Can Print with the Face Mask Kit

Let's put this kit to work!

When we created the Face Mask Kit, we actually designed it to print on MORE than just face masks. With the current situation, face masks have taken center stage but you can put this kit to work printing on these 5 placements right now: 

  • Neck Tags
  • Short Sleeves
  • Pockets
  • Hat Side Panels
  • Face Masks (of course!)

Neck Tags

Printing custom neck tags is one of the benefits of owning a DTG machine. The trick is being able to do it quickly and efficiently to be worth the time and effort. With the Face Mask Kit, you'll be able to lock onto the print area and print each tag easily and consistently each time. Simply flip your shirt inside-out, tuck the collar under the top plate and you can start printing custom neck tags on all of your apparel in minutes.

Short Sleeves

We can't tell you how many times our print shop gets asked to print on short sleeves. The challenge with trying to lay short sleeves down on a flat surface is clearing the height sensor and getting the sleeve to stay in place as the printing tray moves in and out of the DTG machine. So we decided to design our platen to make placing and printing on short sleeves easy. To print on short sleeves just thread the sleeves over the platen, tuck the cuff under the top plate and you are ready to print--this keeps the sleeve from moving while also ensuring there are no seams or obstructions that might cause head strikes. The rest of the shirt falls to the side of the platen, so it is out of the way. 


Pockets are highly requested! However, every time we would try to print on shirt pockets, it would always end up being a headache trying to line up the artwork with the pocket perfectly each time. With the Face Mask Kit, all you have to do is place the pocket over the top plate of the platen and line up the edges of the top plate with the pocket outline. Once you're happy with the position just hit print. With the raised print surface area, you can easily place your apparel in the same place each time without any of the guess work.

Hat Side Panels

This placement request is often requested by clients who want to embroider the front of their hats and print their logo or another design on the side of the same hat. The platen in this kit makes this very simple. To print the side panel of a hat simply tuck the sweat band under the top plate, tuck some slack under the opposite side of the top plate with the included tucker and you're ready to print. 

Face Masks

You already know our Face Mask Kit can print on face masks, but did you know it can print on all sorts of face masks? Our face mask platen enables you to print full-color images directly on them effortlessly--from masks with seams down the middle to masks that lay flat with no seam.

Mask with center seam

Seamless, flat mask

Watch our latest video to see the Face Mask Kit in action!

Leo Martinez

Print shop owner and founder of Key Print Co.

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