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Face Mask Kit - Heat Press

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Decorate face masks! From adult-sized fabric face masks to child-sized ones, as long as it can withstand the heat then you can decorate it! Perfect for businesses, promotional items, schools, and more, add them into any order to wow your customers again and again!

This Kit Prints:

  • Fabric face masks, and any face mask style that is able to withstand the heat of the press

Kit Includes:

  • (1) Setup Station
  • (1) Heat Press Adaptor (Stahl’s Hotronix Heat Presses)
  • (1) Face Mask Platen HRP (heat resistant base)
  • (1) 3x6 Hoop
  • (1) 2.5x5 Top Plate + (1) 2.5x5 Hoop
  • (1) 3x4 Top Plate + (1) 3x4 Hoop
  • (1) C-Clamp

The Benefits:

  • Heat press face masks of all types and sizes!
  • Switch from Heat Press to Screen Print fast thanks to this platen’s heat-resistant Top Plates
  • No need for pretreat or a white underbase
  • Go print-on-demand and offer more services in your shop with the ability to print your own heat press transfers with your DTG printer!
  • Off-press loading allows you to load the next mask while the first one is being heat pressed

Compatible Versions:

  • Stahl’s Hotronix Heat Presses


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